Meet SU and MO! These twin brothers are notorious for their patent-pending EXTREME LAP-DANCING that they perform at the world famous Club Hippendale's. Why do they dance? With bodies like that, how can they not? Plus, the loot they get stuffed down their mawashis is good pay and helps them finance their animated films. Click on the links below to experience the insanity!

EPISODE ONE: A Night at Club Hippendale's   You the home viewer get to act as a club attendee. By clicking on the women patrons, you can tip the exotic dancers with all manner of exotic foods.

EPISODE TWO: O Brother, Where Fart Thou?   What goes on after the boys' nightly show? Join them backstage as they count their tips and endure withering glances from another jealous dancer.

EPISODE THREE: Lost in Animation   Su and Mo have finally earned enough tip money to complete their independent film! After a turbulent production period, they journey to their native Japan for a premiere screening at the Tokyo Jokio film festival. Hilarity ensues!

DISCLAIMER: These cartoons are CRUDE, RUDE and LEWD. They are full of childish, juvenile content, for mature audiences only. The faint of heart have been warned. TURN AWAY NOW!

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Su & Mo are now available as part of the amazing "It Came From Animatus" compilation DVD!
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Press Info

If you're interested in doing a story on Su & Mo, feel free to use any of the pictures found on this site (check out our desktops) or download our press kit. To send us an email, use our Contact Form.

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What's New

We haven't made updates here in a while, but rest assured, we're still selling the DVD!
It Came From Animatus, the collossal DVD collection, is now available. The DVD includes Su & Mo, Derf the Viking, and Fresh Toones.
"Lost in Animation" plays the San Antonio Underground Film Festival
Su & Mo premiere screening as part of Eggmark IV at Rochester's Montage Grille.
City Magazine promotes our Montage screening here.
AWN headline news article: Su and Mo Short Skewers Festival Circuit
Article at "Su and Mo poke "crude, rude and lewd" fun at the Film Festival experience"
Mention of Su & Mo at Internet Video Magazine
Article at ToonZone: "Su and Mo: Lost in Animation" Parodies Film Festival Experience
Article at MicroCinemaScene: "Su and Mo: Lost in Animation" Completes Production
Article at Independent cartoon pokes fun at the film festival experience
The (Wide) Birth of Su and Mo: Read the Press Release.
Episode Three trailer now online!
Two new wallpapers added to the download page.
"Behind the Flesh" feature added.
Refurbished website launched.
Su and Mo: Lost in Animation completed.

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